Is it Possible to Balance a Disproportionate Face?

I want to have my face balanced, because my face is definitely out of shape, my forehead is massive and i barely have any cheek and my nose is small plus my jaw are barely visible (wide) is it really possible to re-shape my face to make it more even? It would really change my life

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Photos are essential to have any meaningful discussion here.

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WIthout pictures, it is impossible to know what you are talking about or if your concerns are realistic.  Consider reposting your question here but with photographs.

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Yes, you can achieve some improvements, although maybe not to the degree you would like. It would probably involve some facial implants but also some alterations to your bone shape in different areas. Not all plastic or facial plastic surgeons are trained in altering the bones. I think you should seek out someone experienced in Craniofacial Surgery.

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