Is this hairline normal? (Photo)

I was told that the hairline was set like this to make it seem more natural but I am having trouble believing it. It is a well known surgeon but I keep seen others results after the procedure and I just don't see it. I have attached the photo please let me know if I am been paranoid or it is indeed something that needs to be fixed. The right side of the crown looks good but I'm concerned with the left side.

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Is the hairline normal

There are three types of hairlines that men have. There is the Bill Clinton concave hairline present in less than 5% of Caucasian males, more in Hispanics and up 25 % in Indian men. Then there is the relatively flat hairline of people like Ronald Reagan. This hairline is not the classic mature hairline but may be present in between 10-20% of Caucasian men (more in Hispanic men). Then there is my hairline, the classic mature hairline that takes on a V-Shape. This is the most common hairline that is naturally found in Caucasian men. When you met with your doctor, you and he negotiated a Ronald Reagan hairline (in case you did not know it). I gather that this was done to cover up old work done in Mexico that was less than satisfactory. 

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Thank you for the photos.  It is tough to say what your final result will look like.  It will likely be a year before all the grafts are growing.  If you have any questions or concerns, you should feel comfortable discussing them with your doctor.  

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If you believe the hair line is not "normal" go back to your doctor. Most doctors will be happy to correct any

If you believe the hair line is not "normal" go back to your doctor.  Most doctors will be happy to correct any missed spots.  Otherwise the initial forehead swelling and redness can sometimes make it look uneven.  Remember the final results will not be realized for a good 6 to 12 months.

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