Afraid fat transfer will not work. I had a lipo/fat transfer 6 days ago. I didn't have enough fat to enhance my butt. (photo)

(main reason for the surgery) He said my indentations on both sides would use the majority of fat When I removed bandages I saw a bit of butt cheek & some fullness on the sides. 1) Im afraid that will disappear as the swelling goes down. 2) Im afraid that all positions I lay & sit may be doing harm. I'm not even sure how to sit on the donut correctly. Couldnt sleep on my sides for a few days, & am only able to lay on my stomach when icing. (never could sleep on my stomach due to neck issues).

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Fat transfer

Hello,  thank you for your sharing your doubts.   Unfortunately not all the fat that is used for grafting will survive.   Sometimes we expect to have more than 30%  of reabsorbtion.   Wait until the swelling settled down and there's not much that you can do at this moment.   Be patient.   Best wishes. 

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