I am currently a 36D and am having Breast Augmentation in a couple weeks. Is 600cc Natrelle's too much?

I am currently a 36D and am having BA in a couple weeks. I'm putting 600cc silicone cohesive gel implant to avoid having a lift. I'm 5'4" and 152lbs. What size do you figure I will end up being and do think it might be too big.

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Implant size

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Personally it sounds too large, but without photos it is hard to tell.  If you are already a D cup, large implants run the risk of making you heavy and will become uncomfortable after a while.

I am currently a 36D and am having Breast Augmentation in a couple weeks. Is 600cc Natrelle's too much

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It is impossible to say without any photos to base opinions on. Consider re-posting your question with photos.

Large Breast Implants

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Placing large breast implants in the hopes of avoiding a breast lift is not a realistic approach. The implants will only promote more breast sagging due to their weight. The 600 cc implants will not look natural or proportional for your body size. You should get another opinion from an experienced plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Large implants to avoid a lift... not a good idea

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If you need a lift, you need a lift.  Unfortunately implants do not lift breasts as much as patients or doctors would like. 600 ccs are large implants which you are adding to your currently D cup breasts, so you will end up with very large breasts which will be susceptible to more drooping given their weight.   Photos would be helpful in adding more to this response, consider reposting your question with some pictures of you with your arms to your side from the front and side. Obtain a second opinion consultation with a plastic surgeon who does a lot of cosmetic breast surgery and is experienced performing a breast lift and breast augmentation simultaneously so that you make the right decision. Hope this helps and best wishes.

Implants to avoid lift

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I would suggest that you see another board certified plastic surgeon and discuss what size would be best for you. A 600 cc implant is very large and heavy, especially in someone who is 5'4".  Plus enlarging the breast still does not lift the breast.  A D cup is a nice full size.  Placing a heavy implant will only cause more sagging in the future. Please discuss your realistic expectations with your surgeon or another surgeon.

600cc implants?

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I would recommend you get at least one more consultation from a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic breast surgery or talk to your surgeon again.   600cc implants are very large, especially in someone who is already a D cup.   I would not recommend large implants as a substitute for a lift - the added weight of the implants in addition to your own breast tissue will not ultimately help lift breast tissue.  If your skin is lax and/or your nipples are low, a formal breast lift is the best way to create a pleasing breast shape.  

I use Vectra 3D imaging and a it has been very helpful to let patients visualize what implants will look like in their bodies (instead of looking at other women's breasts).     This might be a great option for you to get a better idea of what to expect.

Best wishes,

Dr. Michelle Spring

I am currently a 36D and am having Breast Augmentation in a couple weeks. Is 600cc Natrelle's too much?

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Thank you for your question.

To get the best answer to your question, I would recommend you consult with at least 2-3 board certified plastic surgeons who have extensive experience in performing both of these procedures.  That way, you know that their recommendations are valid and you will feel more comfortable with your decision.  

Without a consultation that includes preoperative photos and an examination, it is not possible to give you a reliable answer to your question.  However, If you are 5' 4'' and currently wearing a 36 D bra and have a breast appearance that might need a lift, I would think that adding 600 cc would give you a larger breast appearance that sits low on the chest.  If you are looking for a more youthful appearance to the breast with higher, fuller breasts than a breast lift with a smaller implant may be your best choice.

I hope this helps!  Good luck with your decision.

William J. Vinyard, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Palm Beach, Florida

William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Augment to Avoid a Lift.

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Augmentation and lift are two operations with very different goals and results. An augmentation to "avoid a lift" rarely results in a satisfactory result. There are no shortcuts to good results. Maybe you shuld rethink this and see another consultant or two.

600cc to avoid a lift?

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There are a number of reasons that patients and surgeons choose breast lift. These include asymmetry to move one (or both areolas), lax skin (to remove excess skin), or to elevate areolas that are too low.

If the areolar position is fine, and the reason for a lift is to deal with excess breast skin, then an implant can help avoid the need for a  lift.  

But more commonly, the lift is to elevate the areolas, and an implant will not do that. Choosing an implant only operation will leave a patient who has sagging breasts with larger breasts that still sag.

600 cc is a very large implant, especially when placed in a patient who already has large breasts. I prefer not to speculate in terms of cup size since there are no standard definitions.  But many surgeons on this site estimate a cup size increase for every 150 to 200 cc of implants. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I am currently a 36D and am having Breast Augmentation in a couple weeks. Is 600cc Natrelle's too much?

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Even without photos, 600cc are very large and heavy implants. If you are a 36D now, those implants will not make you avoid a lift, but will contribute for you to have a lift very shortly after the augmentation. It will overstretch your breasts and skin including the areolae. A cup size is about 150-200cc. You do the math about what size you will be. Good luck.

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