Is uneven swelling on the tip and nostrils normal after 3 weeks revision?

I got my revision 3 weeks ago. I noticed my nostrils and tip are uneven. Especially shows in camera. The doctor didnt work on any bones because i already had work done before. Should i be worried that my tip seems uneven and a bit turnt? Is it possible this happened because i slept on my side? Thanks.

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Uneven swelling

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Uneven swelling is common as the two sides of the face don't heal at the same pace, and also different degree of work may have been done to the two sides. It may take several months for both sides to settle.

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Nasal swelling

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Swelling is still present 3 weeks after rhinoplasty which can cause the tip and nostrils to be asymmetric. You should follow up with your treating surgeon for them to evaluate your progress and hopefully re assure you that your symmetry will improve as the swelling subsides.

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