How do I sleep after a BBL with Breast Reduction? (Photo)

I will be getting a breast reduction with a round two bbl December 2017. I remember how I had to lay on my stomach after my first bbl but I know that won't be possible with a breast reduction so how should I sleep?

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Sleeping position

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I wil often have patients place pillows under their back and thighs to eliminate any pressure on the buttocks.  At a certain point, I will allow them to sleep on their sides. Best to review with your doc.

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How do I sleep after a BBL with Breast Reduction?

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I tell my patients to rest in the foetal position and alternate side-to-side on a regular basis to avoid prolonged pressure on the BBL. A good sports bra to support the BBR is also needed. This will need to be for 2 weeks . The best person to answer this is your PS who will do the surgery . Good luck. 

How do I sleep after a BBL with breast reduction?

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I personally don't feel that sleeping on a soft mattress laying on your back affects a BBL result. If you want to take an extra precaution you can place a pillow behind your back and behind your thighs so that there's not so much pressure on the buttock. Some of my patients go to the extent of using a lifesaver. #StayBeautiful @RealDrWorldWide

Sleeping position after breast reduction

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If you having a breast surgery on its own, I would advise you to sleep on your back for the first few weeks. Given that you are having another procedure, it sounds to me like the best option is to sleep on your side. If this is not possible due to the areas of fat grafting in your buttocks left, I would probably consider having the two procedures done separately.  Your surgeon should be able to give you more specific advice 

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