Female had vaser and turned muscley how can I fix it? (photo)

I had vaser 3 months ago on my upper and lower arms n I asked the Dr for the feminine shape but it turned very muscley n I hate it so much , the upper arm looks huge n pumped,I'm gonna see my Dr next month n I want him to fix it , what's the possibility to get the feminine shape back with out more scars like what he can do ! I will post photos please help me .

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Unhappy With Vaser Results

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I am sorry to read of your disappointment. With any surgical #procedure there are some risks of unhappy outcome and it's important to be realistic. Depending on the type of Vaser technique applied and your physique may also have had an impact on your result. The final results of the procedure are typically most noticeable 2-4 months following the #Vaser. So, you must have patience. Meantime, do not be surprised on the compliments you will receive about your current results which appear to be successful. But do not hesitate to ask questions of your doctor. 

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Definition of the arms through liposculturing

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Your arms look amazing! That is your muscular structure and it is normal. Most women come in to the office wanting definition of the arms through liposculpturing of the posterior and lateral arms. This is the result they want to achieve. 

When you speak to your doctor the best thing to suggest is to add some fat around the bicep to make it less protruding and even it out. This will get rid of the definition you see on your bicep.

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