Would I be a good candidate for bariatric surgery, taking into consideration I'm 53 years old?

I currently weigh 105 kgs (3 months ago 116k). I have high BP, high uric acid which causes my gout and small kidney stones, diverticula and hiatus hernia detected on a recent CT Scan and I suffer from acid reflux and sleep apnea. I often feel tired and lack energy.Could I be a good candidate for weight loss, bariatric surgery taking into consideration my medical state?

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Am I a Candidate for WLS being 53 y/o and with medical conditions?

The answer is yes you are! You would benefit greatly from losing a lot of weight and your health condition would improve as well. Look at it as leasing more time on earth and with a better quality of life so I would suggest you visit a weight loss surgery for a complete assessment. 


Dr. Alvarez

Mexico Bariatric Surgeon
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