Why was my bikini area red and itchy after laser hair removal? How do i get rid of the brown patch on my skin??

I have fair skin and black coarse curly hair. My bikini area was full of ingrown hairs because of shaving. After my first session of laser, the area was red. when the second session was over, a few days later it started to itch very bad so i started to scratch it. Then it got even more red and within a couple of days it turned darker? Turned brown! What is going on and what can I use to make the brown go away? How do i prevent this in the future? Do i stop laser?

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Bikini laser effects

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Laser hair removal is excellent treatment for ingrown hair, which you seem to have been suffering from. Sometimes during extrusion of dead hair, you might feel itchiness, but try not to scratch, as that will product darkening (hyperpigmentation). Always apply 1% cortisone ointment for 7 days after laser and try not to wear any tight clothing for 4-5 days and avoid intense workout for 3-4 days.

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