Would I get loose skin from the kybella treatment? (Photo)

Im 23 not overweight but have a slight double chin.Thinking of getting kybella injections.Do i run the risk of getting loose skin if so what are other alternatives?i want a procedure that is non invasive.

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Would I get loose skin from the kybella treatment?

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Great question. In general terms, skin laxity could be an issue. But in your case very doubtful. What you should be more concerned about is the 12 to 18 weeks and 2 to 3 sessions needs to achieve a result! Plus the costs of over $2,500. I might offer you minimal surgical intervention with SmartLipo+lipo under local anesthesia and post op Thermi Smooth 250 RF sessions (4 to 8 once a week). Fee $3,500. But very fast recovery only in a few weeks ONLY.

Kybella & Loose Skin

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Thank you for your question and photographs. No, Kybella does not add to skin laxity. However, in my experience I have noticed it helps tighten the skin some. Based on your photographs I think you would be a great candidate for Kybella. Please have a consultation with an expert in your area. Best of Luck!

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Loose skin

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Thanks for your question.  Kybella is an effective means to contour fat in the central neck, under the chin.  Alternatives would include CoolSculpting or liposuction, and each approach has its assets and liabilities.  The quality of the result for any of the fat removing technologies is dependent on the ability of the skin to retract.  Given your age and the magnitude of the adipose deposit (small!), it is likely that your skin would have sufficient elasticity to realize a great result.  Nothing, however, substitutes for a good physical exam, so I would encourage consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Good Luck!

Larry Lickstein, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Possibility of loose skin after Kybella

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Thank you for your question ticha46. I understand your concern. Kybella is the first and thus-far only FDA-approved non-surgical injectable treatment for the double chin. Many people ask if the skin overlying the fat will become loose if the fat is removed. We have found this not to be the case. I believe it is because the inflammatory reaction that occurs which stimulates collagen formation in the area and keeps the overlying skin tight.

Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Kybella & Loose Skin

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Given your youth, no, you don't run any risk of getting loose skin following your Kybella injections. For most patients, regardless of age, I find that Kybella actually results in a bit of skin tightening in the area which is just an added benefit.


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 38 reviews

Loose skin after Kybella?

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Kybella can be a great treatment for the submental fat.  Unless there is something unusual in your background that might decrease your skin elasticity, such as significant weight loss, it would be unusual for you to have loose skin after the injection.  Not only is your skin very elastic with your young age and skin type, but the Kybella tends to cause some skin tightening as well.  The surprise for me with Kybella is that it also seems to work well in patients with less skin elasticity.  From your  photos it appears that you would be a great candidate.

Jonathan Hall, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Kybella and skin laxity

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photos. In my experience, Kybella does not add to the skin laxity of the chin region, but more often adds a little bit of skin tightening.  Based on the photographs that you have provided, it would be a great candidate for Kybella.


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Thank you for your question in regards to Kybella. It appears that you would be a candidate for Kybella. Kybella injections physically destroys fat cells to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin - also known as submental fullness or "double chin." Once destroyed, those cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. Loose skin should not be a factor. To be sure what is best for you, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 221 reviews

Kybella and Skin Retraction

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Thank you for your question. Kybella is an effective method for improving the appearance of submental fullness and typically helps retract the skin in those with good elasticity.

Dr. Daniel Ritacca

Daniel J. Ritacca, MD
Chicago Oculoplastic Surgeon
4.4 out of 5 stars 20 reviews


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You seem to be a good candidate for Kybella. Your natural elasticity will retract the skin and the fat will be permanently gone! Best Wishes

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