Would I get loose skin from the kybella treatment? (Photo)

Im 23 not overweight but have a slight double chin.Thinking of getting kybella injections.Do i run the risk of getting loose skin if so what are other alternatives?i want a procedure that is non invasive.

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Loose skin after Kybella?

Kybella can be a great treatment for the submental fat.  Unless there is something unusual in your background that might decrease your skin elasticity, such as significant weight loss, it would be unusual for you to have loose skin after the injection.  Not only is your skin very elastic with your young age and skin type, but the Kybella tends to cause some skin tightening as well.  The surprise for me with Kybella is that it also seems to work well in patients with less skin elasticity.  From your  photos it appears that you would be a great candidate.

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Kybella and skin laxity

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photos. In my experience, Kybella does not add to the skin laxity of the chin region, but more often adds a little bit of skin tightening.  Based on the photographs that you have provided, it would be a great candidate for Kybella.


Thank you for your question in regards to Kybella. It appears that you would be a candidate for Kybella. Kybella injections physically destroys fat cells to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin - also known as submental fullness or "double chin." Once destroyed, those cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. Loose skin should not be a factor. To be sure what is best for you, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Kybella and Skin Retraction

Thank you for your question. Kybella is an effective method for improving the appearance of submental fullness and typically helps retract the skin in those with good elasticity.

Dr. Daniel Ritacca

Daniel J. Ritacca, MD
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You seem to be a good candidate for Kybella. Your natural elasticity will retract the skin and the fat will be permanently gone! Best Wishes

Kybella an skin tightening

Kybella works by breaking down the fat cell leading to inflammation and the production of collagen to replace the lost fat.  This leads to skin tightening in most patients and is one of the biggest benefits of the procedure.  I have not seen increased laxity after Kybella; the opposite is true.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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Kybella results

Kybella is a phenomenal new non-surgical treatment to get rid of that unwanted fat under your chin. Like you said, you are not overweight but you still have a double chin that diet or exercise won't eliminate. Most likely you will make a great candidate for Kybella treatments, however you need to be evaluated in person by a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist before undergoing any treatments. Based on your pictures, Kybella treatments will not only get rid of your double chin, but should also tighten the skin in that area. You are also very young so you should have good skin elasticity and will not be left with loose skin. Good luck!

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD
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Kybella and Skin Tightening

Kybella is amazing at reducing the submental fat under the chin.  It removes the fat permanently and at the same time tightens the skin as well.  Please consult an expert. I often treat my patients with Thermage as well since this will complement your Kybella treatments and tighten the neck area. Best, Dr. Green


Kybella doesn't love loose skin.  This should not be an issue for you.  Kybella is safe and effective.  It may  take more than one treatment to reach your goal.


Kybella injections actually kill the fat in the submittal area.  As the cells and the surrounding areas are remodeled on a cellular level, there is some natural scaring and tightening that occur in the treated areas.  This usually takes care of any loose skin, and allows it to adhere to the underlying musculature.  I think you would be an excellent candidate for treatment.  Best of luck.

Jesse E. Smith, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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