What is the difference between all on 4 and lock in dentures?

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All on 4 by nobel biocare,

the only proven protocol is the all on 4, by nobelbiocare, and its a procedure that is done to have screw retained bridge, you do not remove it, there is not a comparison with something that is snap, its the best solution if you have all the structures needed, like certain amount of bone, and you will love the results, if you are thinking about doing something removable, go for snap indentures, they will work, really good also.

Difference between all on 4 and over dentures

Hello, The difference is that Lock in dentures can be moved.There are indications for both types. If you currently wear dentures and overtime you remove them you see the front of your lip collapse, it is likely that you would need the removable option
The advantages of All on 4 is, 1. They are permanent teeth that you cannot remove 2. Do not cover the roof of your mouth 3. Less complications over time
Most of our patients prefer to have teeth that stay in their mouth

Saj Jivraj, DDS
Oxnard Dentist

All-on-4 Dental Implants

An All-on-4 is a surgery technique that is utilized on patients that have lost posterior bone in the area of the sinuses and the implants are placed in strategic positions to avoid going into the sinus (in the upper jaw). In the lower jaw, the All-on-4 plays the same role. When you have lost a lot of bone and your remaining bone does not permit the placement of dental implants in a vertical direction, they are placed in an inclined or tilted direction to avoid the area of the mental nerve so that the denture could be extended one more molar back. In the case of lock in dentures, there are several techniques. There are dentures that lock into a bar that is secured by implants, and in those cases you insert the denture and push the rod that will engage the metal frame supported by the implants. The other possibility is to have implants placed in particular positions that engage the denture in housing that snaps in place. If you're interested in finding out the different alternatives for your particular case, visit an experienced oral surgeon or periodontist. Good luck!

All-on-4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 system relies on a minimum of 4 dental implants which are intentionally angled in the posterior section of the jaw in order to provide a good distribution of connection points. The arch of teeth is then attached via abutments or posts using retention screws. This prosthesis is not intended to be removed by the patient, but it can be removed as needed by a dentist.

John Paul Gallardo, DDS
Miami Periodontist
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