What Can Be Done About Bags Under the Eyes?

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Treatment options for bags under eyes

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There are a few options with helping to improve bags under the eyes, and some treatments may be better for some than others.  Surgery can be an option for some to remove some of the excess fat which can cause puffiness under the eyes.  Fillers, like Restylane, can sometimes be used as well and can be placed under the bags to help camouflage them.  If there is only an issue with excess skin, then this can be improved with surgery and sometimes laser treatments.  

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Dear MBoots

Thank you for your question!  The treatment will depend on what is causing the shape of the under eye area and plus  your goals and downtime .  There is a non- surgical approach to disguise the puffines with injectable fillers OR you can have surgery to : 1 restore volume to the cheek area with micro fat grafting and 2 Recontour and support the lower eyelid with removal of excess fat and adjustment of the supporting structures and removal of excess skin ( if any).

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What Can Be Done About Bags Under the

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The bags are caused from excess fat or herniation of the fat.  This fat can be removed either from inside the eyelid or on the outside directly under the eyelashes of the lower lid.  If the lower lid is loose then it should be tightened.  If the muscle hangs down or festoons then that should be corrected as well.  Lastly, if there is excess skin then the skin should be carefully resected and care should be taken not to overresect skin.  This can be judged by asking the patient to open their mouth or pull down on the cheek.  Eyelidplasty or Blephroplasty can be done under local anesthesia

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