I Have Bags Under my Eyes That Require Surgery?

What fillers are best until i get the surgery done cant do it until next summer and also if the surgeon is very exp. is there still risk involved, like eye problems or blindness, also i would have to go to work in 2 days so how can i prevent getting a black eye. Im in 40s, getting rid of bags would be huge improvement

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Dear nick88

Thank you for your question!  Any procedure that involves a 'needle' or surgery may result in a bruise! Up to 10 days.... You can take supplements like Arnica Montana MK before and after treatment to help prepare and recover from the procedure.  Filling of the hollow under the 'bags' can help with some people - Restylane is a good filler as it does not drift - especially when placed on the DEEP layer next to the bone. This must be done by a very experienced injector as there can be risks and complications. 

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Trevor M Born MD

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Lower lid fillers and black eyes...

Hello! Getting a bruise is ALWAYS possible with fillers or surgery, so plan accordingly. You can minimize (but not eliminate) risk by avoiding ibuprofen, aspirin, over the counter pain killers and all herbal supplements (fish oil, glucosamine, etc) for 10 days prior. I use Restylane or Juvederm for tear trough hollows- only hyaluronic acids, which can be removed if you do not like them. Make sure your eyes are iced before treatment- cold also helps minimize bruising. Make sure you go to someone experienced with fillers in this area- we have seen a lot of very poor tear trough injections. Finally, with lower lid surgery there are always risks, but they are very uncommon. You are young and may be a candidate for an incision on the inside of the eyelid, which minimizes the risk of the lower lid pulling down. I recommend a consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Catherine Winslow, MD
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