Bags Under Eyes. Suffer From Autoimmune Sygdomme and Cannot Get Botox? (photo)

I am 28 years old and as you can see on the attached picture i have allready quite big under eyes and wrinkles. I have an an autoimmune sygdomme (hashimoto) and therefore i cannot get botox treatment. Which other treatment would you reccommend for such type of bags? Could laser help me? Thank you. Anna

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Fillers and botoxs address different things

Botox should be safe for you, even with Hashimotos.  Botox and fillers achieve different things. If you are unhappy with the hollowness just underneath your eyelids, fillers would be a good choice for you.

Looking at your photos, you do seem to have a  slightly hypertrophic [bulgy] orbicularis [eyelid] muscle, just underneath your lashes, especially on the right side.

A tiny amount of botox  [1-2 units] in that muscle will soften that bulgy appearance.

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Hashimoto's syndrome does not preclude you from having BOTOX.

On the other hand, BOTOX is not the best for the lower eyelid.  For that, fillers are generally much better.  I would recommend that you discuss with your cosmetic surgeon your thyroid status so everyone is on the same page.

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