Bags Under Eyes 5 Months After Rhinoplasty - Why?

I am 36 year old female. I had rhinoplasty and a septoplasty 5 months ago. There was no bone breakage done at all. But The Doc did take off some of the tip, minimized my nostrils and shaved off my small hump. I never ever had bags under my eyes before and almost cried when I saw my before pictures. I now have constant bags under my eyes, worse crows feet and the swelling on end of my nose is still very present. Why is this???

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Eye bags after rhinoplasty.

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Fro your description, there is no reason for you to be having bags under your eyes. Check with your family doctor and make sure you don't have a thyroid problem.

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Bag under eyes 5 months after Rhinopalsty

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It  is a little unusual to have bags under the eyes and crows feet  5 months after a rhinoplasty. You may still have some swelling but this would not be the norm. It may be that you had the bags and crows feet before and have just noticed them now. It is very difficult to say without seeing your before and after pics.



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