Bags Under my Eyes ("accumulated Liquid") - Suggestions?

I have bags under my eyes. My general doctor says it is accumulated liquid. What is your suggestion and what is the cost? Madeline Craver

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"Liquid" under the eyes

I recommend that you have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to assess the "liquid" you are describing.  If you are retaining water, consider reducing your salt load and assessing whether that improves the condition of your eyelids.  If what you are experiencing is an allergic reaction, then this can be evaluated by the appropriate medical specialist.  If, in fact, you are developing "bags" under the eyes as a consequence of aging, then this can be treated either by using facial fillers or by lower lid blepharoplasty.  The important thing in your case is to obtain a definitive diagnosis before proceeding with any treatment.  Under eyelid swelling can also be negatively affected by smoking so, if you are a smoker, please consider quitting as it produces early facial aging, difficulty in healing and can contraindicate surgery. 

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Bags under eyes - fluid or fat?

I have many patients seeking treatment for the under eye area for different reasons and one of the most common reasons is "bags" or puffiness.  This can be caused by fluid retention and/or fat pads.  I examine my patients to determine if the problem is caused by fat or fluid.  Typically when the problem is caused by fluid retention you will notice that the bags or puffiness looks worse when you wake up but looks a little better or as the day goes on or you may only notice it some days but not others.  If the problem is excess fat or bulging fat then you will see the bags all the time - morning, noon, and night - every day.  If it is just fat or both fat and fluid, then your appearance can be improved with surgery to remove the excess fat however surgery will not help with the fluid retention. 

As my colleague indicated, if is fluid retention that is caused by allergies or another medical condition then you will want to seek the appropriate medication or treatment best suited for your condition.

Arnold Zweig, MD (retired)
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Treatment of eyelid bags

I assume your general doctor is your GP. That doctor's assessment may not be accurate and therefore the suggestion would depend on an accurate assessment of the current situation. If it is liquid more commonly referred to as swelling the most likely cause is allergies and the most appropriate treatment is claritin pills, astepro spray or something similar. If it is fat the treatment would be different and would involve filler injection and/or surgery.

Aaron Stone, MD
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