Bags Across Cheeks - Cause?

I Have Bags Right Across my Cheeks. I Started Having Them Since I Was 25, After I Had the Baby. Now I am 27 and these bags are now always there. I always look tired. There are no other signs of aging, and I do have kidney stones that come b/c I don't drink enough water - at least that is what my doctor says. Could this be the reason, just to drink more water, or could it be something else?

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What causes Eye Bags across #Cheeks

Hi 402999anon in Atlanta, 

Eye bags have multiple causes, with each having various contributions to facial appearance. Bags are commonly due to eye fat which protrudes a little from the eye socket, in addition to sagging eyelid skin & muscle. One also looses facial fat in the skin & cheeks from age. Weight fluctuations will affect eye bag appearance. Allergies and hormonal conditions will affect eye & cheek bags too. After a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine the cause of your specific eye bags and provide some treatment options. Best of luck.

Dr. C

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Bags across the cheeks

I agree that it is hard to sa what the cause of these bags might be.  I doubt that this is related to water consumption.  And it is difficult to say what the proper treatment should be without the benefit of photos.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Bags across cheeks can frequently be treated with fillers

Many of my patients who have had bags at an early age, have bags because of the way there face is shaped.  This may be to deep set eyes, low cheeks, not a lot of facial fat, protruding fat, thin skin with dark circles, or some combination.

In 95% of the patients I see with bags on their cheeks, we are able to get some improvement with fillers to the tear trough and cheek area.

If you can find a skilled injector close to you, it definitely merits a consultation and in- person examination.

Good luck in your search for information!

David C. Mabrie, MD
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