I have a gummy smile. Can I treat it without surgery? (Photo)

And if surgery was the only option to treat it , what are the possible side affect of surgery.??

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Plenty of Nonsurgical Options

Based on the photo provided, it appears you could benefit from nonsurgical treatment such as BOTOX injection for your gummy smile. The specific treatment depends on what causes excessive gum tissue to show when you smile. As mentioned by another physician, there can be a number of reasons for a gummy smile, and that determination should be made by an experienced periodontist or dentist who has the opportunity to personally examine you. A customized treatment plan may include a combination of procedures, such as lip lowering surgery and gum reshaping, to get the desired results. I hope this helps.

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Veneers and no surgery

you can get a great layout, without no surgery, you can have veneers done at least, 10.
and with a gingivoplasty,you will love your smile. shape, size and color.
great results without no surgery.

Gummy Smile solutions

There can be numerous causes for too much gum tissue showing as you smile
1- the lip is too mobile--if this is the case the best option is botox injections
2- there is too much gum tissue over the enamel--the best option here is laser reshaping
3-there is too much upper jaw bone--this is remedied with moving the teeth or surgical correction options
4-there is too little tooth structure or darker tooth color that gets washed out by the pink tissue--this is where building and reshaping the teeth with composite or porcelain veneers are appropriate
See an experienced cosmetic dentist and they can help direct you
Realize also that some gum tissue showing can be part of a great smile as well--it is up to your personal goals.
Good luck 

Maxillary orthopedic expansion is your best approach. Look into DNA Appliance

Your best approach is orthopedic/ orthodontic not just orthodontic.

There are multiple orthopedic systems but Bioblock, Twin Block and DNA Appliances are the best choices.

I prefer the DNA Appliance in my office.

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Gummy Smile

Your lip comes up very high when you smile.  You could laser the tissues a small amount which would help,  but I don't think this would completely correct your situation.  You may want to see plastic surgeon that does a lip lowering procedure to keep it from raising quite so high when you smile.  

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