Bad Tummy Tuck, Too Tight or Loose?

I am petite but had 8 lbs twins 3 yrs ago. I had a Tummy tuck 3 weeks ago. After unusual swelling in lower abdomen proved not to be fluid my dr now suggests to redo my tummy tuck in 6 months. He closed 12 cm but from the side view I look like an hour glass. Bulge above and below a flat waistline in my belly button area. Also pufy vaginal area. Dr. Suggests tightening the lower and upper abs even more. When I lay on my back it appears normal. Maybe he made me too tight in the middle?

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Your abdomen might be just fine

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3 weeks is the same as 3 minutes...  time will tell if you would benefit by a revision.  It doesnt sound to me like you had too much removed or that the mid section was over tightened.  Perhaps it will all relax and be just fine.  Wait at least 9 months.  Perhaps a little revision under local anesthesia will be needed.  Time will tell.  Good luck!


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