Bad Side View. Cosmetic Surgery? (photo)

my side view cause my confidence to plunge since i started to notice it when i'm 13 years old. >>16 this year 1 .is there like any safe cosmetic surgery i can opt for? safe and its only one time...i won't have to go for resurgery due to implants falling apart or anythng 2.i also have hyperhydrosis(sweating excessively) and i think i need botox to treat it. is there any side effect that will affect me?

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Botox for hyperhidrosis and fillers for facial contouring

I would want to get a thorough medical history prior to determining what risk factors you with botox injections for hyperhidrosis. Regarding your face, based on the profile view, it appears that you may benefit from cheek augmentation. Options include cheek implants and injectable fillers including. I would recommend you get a injectable filler treatment once it is determined that your bone growth is stable. If you like the results, you may then want to opt for a more permanent solution such as surgical cheek implants. I also notice that you are relatively depressed in the area where the bridge of your nose meets the forehead. To create more balance on your profile, you may be a candidate for injectable fillers in that area but I would like to see your frontal views prior to making a final determination.

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