How Soon Are Bad Side Effects of Botox Seen?

Its been one day after my first botox treatment on the 11's. Dr. used 20 units. An hour after that i started to feel just bit of, cant tell if its slight heavy or numbness, around outside of eye and upper cheek? Left side doesnt feel anything, thats okay. The 11's are already noticeably gone. Just wonderin if thats normal, and if not, will it get worse?

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Botox and its effect

It is rare to see improvement one hour after Botox although some do note improvment after one day. Treatment confined to the "11" rarely causes side effects. Give it time, the next two weeks, your result will declare itself. Then see your physician to discuss any issues should there be any, but if you are concerned about anything, bring it up to them sooner.

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Complications from Botox injection

This is expeciallly early for assessing any side effects from Botox. However, that does not mean that you will not sustain problems form the injection itself.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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