Bad side effect of botox in jaw still present 8 months later.. Help? (photo)

I had voiced my concern before about two jaw botox treatments I'd received in December and March of last year. 50 units (25 each side) was injected both times, and I HATE what it has done to my face. It's made me look older and my jawbone not as defined, It blends more into my neck. I DID NOT do it for cosmetic. It was because of tmj. So it has been 8 months later and my face hasn't returned to my normal or "plumped up yet". What can I do to fix this? I need honesty, will this be permanent?

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Bad side effect of botox in jaw still present 8 months later.. Help?

Botox is not permanent and your masseter muscles will return to its full strength, I also agree theres not much difference from your photos but your jaw looks great

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Bad side effect of botox in jaw still present 8 months later.. Help?

To be honest I think the after BOTOX effect looks better. But BOTOX does not last more than a year...

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Botox and jawline

Botox to the jawline is not permanent if you stop using it. The muscle atrophy that may have developed will most likely improve.

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Botox to jawline

Botox results aren't permanent, or many, many people would be very thrilled. The masseter muscle (jawline) is a very strong muscle, but when it becomes atrophied from Botox, it can take longer to build this muscle back up. Think about it like this - if you worked out extensively for years, and then stopped going to the gym for a year, and then went back again for 8 months, your muscles wouldn't all rebound to what they were from the first gym sessions. It's just not possible. Even though you think it looks terrible, I can barely see differences in the photos, except in the last one with the hat on. But truly, in that picture, your face appears much more round overall, and not just in the jaw. Your jaw muscle will return to full strength in time, but I think you should really be less hard on yourself here.

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