Possible to Fix Bulbous Tip and Overly Thin Bridge?

I was a good looking guy, who got breathing work and touch up work done on my nose. The result is a bulbous round tip, and a thin/crooked bridge. I am very upset and I would like to know if I can have my point back with my straight bridge and thick base back?

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Revision for thick skin

Thicker skin noses in general need plenty of strong cartilage underneath the skin to have a good shape – your revision will likely need building up your bridge and may require rib cartilage

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Bulbous nasal tip and thin bridge can be corrected

It is certainly possible to refine the bulbous tip to give more shape, form, and balance to the nose. The thin skin on the bridge is impossible to make any thicker, however, the nasal bones can be shaped and formed to give a straight profile. Osteotomies would be required and possible spreader graft on the right side because of the one-sided inverted V deformity that is present along with refinement of the tip.

William Portuese, MD
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Bulbous Tip and Thin Bridge

I'm sure you're still and good looking guy even if your not satisfied with the appearance of your nose. Your bulbous tip and nasal deviation can be improved in the hands of an experienced surgeon who does a lot of revision rhinoplasty work. Look at multiple examples of the surgeon's work.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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You seems to say you had a RHINOPLASTY, and you do not like the results.

See a Board Certified Plastic surgeon for consultation. You seem to have a problem with the tip and the bridge of the nose.

Narrow bridge, undefined tip, collapsed ala, may be seperation of the upperlateral cartillage from the bone.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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