Could Bad Posture Cause This Big of a Bulge After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Hi Doctors, I'm 7 months PO from a TT and flank lipo. Could bad posture be the cause of this huge bulge? My PS told me that I have very weak abdominal muscles and that because I have a curve in my lower back that my spine protrudes into my abdominal cavity. Could my spine cause me to have this large of a bulge in my stomach? I think that I could have been pulled tighter. Would it be a waste of time to have the TT redone? Thoughts? Advice? Thanks for your time!

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Still with buldge after TT.

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Thank you for your photos.   Your bulge is likely due to:  1) Weak or lax muscles and fascia of the abdominal wall, 2)   internal fat ( the fat around your intestines ),  which is behind your abdominal muscles,  or 3)  a combination of both.  Unless the spine is severely curved, I have not seen this be a cause of this type of abdominal bulging, and from your photos, your spine looks pretty normal.  If there is too much fat behind the muscles, it can be difficult to tighten the fascia in front of it enough to hold it flat so weight loss would be the key to making your abdomen flatter.  Simply pulling the skin tighter over the bulging fascia will not give you a flat abdomen and can result in poor wound healing and poor scarring from too much tension on the skin.  If the bulge is due to loose and stretched muscle and fascia, this should be improved by suture tightening of those structures.  Check with your plastic surgeon about revising this or consult with another plastic surgeon.  Good luck.      

Tummy Tuck and Sufficient Muscle Plication?

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Thank you for the question and good quality pictures showing your concerns.

I would be hesitant to blame “bad posture” for the abdominal wall “bulge”. Most likely,  you are dealing with lax  abdominal wall musculature.  This may be secondary to failure of the  abdominal wall muscle plication  or insufficient “tightening” of the repaired during tummy tuck surgery.

You may want to revisit this question with your plastic surgeon;  a second opinion may also be helpful.

Best wishes.

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