Is This As Bad As I Think It Is? Or Am I Overreacting? (photo)

I got lipo on the inner and back of my thighs and lower buttocks. In the before, I have a smooth line from my thigh to my bottom. In the after (2 months later), I clearly have an overhang. Initially my doctor said this would even out but now he says we might have had different expectations for the surgery. He thinks it looks ok. He is very experienced so I know he knows what he's doing. But am I crazy to think think it looks terrible? Or does it look better than I think?

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Lipo results- Is this as bad as I think it is? Or am I overreacting? ANS:

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I know this sounds really bad and I hope you don't get too mad at me.....but you kinda look like you've gained some weight after surgery. Your before pics look thinner through the tummy and the butt as well....Maybe it's the picture or the angle but it looks almost like you've had fat transfer done to your buttocks...And actually it does look better just a bit more full!

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Over reacting after liposuction

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As the fat was removed from the back of the thigh the buttock settled down, and undeniably there is a fold, and it is indeed a bit lower on the thigh than you might like to see. Perhaps a revision can raise the folding up to where clothing could cover.

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