12 days post revision surgery, was this a bad Otoplasty? (photos)

Hi, I had my otoplasty done 12 days ago for the second time. The first time my right ear was same as before and left ear had a marked fold on the upper part! This second time things went much better, however my left ear seen from the side has a strange bend on the overall cuvature of the ear, and seen from the back it looks like it has been hooked too far on the border! Is it better to do something as with time the ear relaxes and could get worse? Or in your opinion i could avoid a 3rd surgery?

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Healing Post Otoplasty

Anxiety is common post any surgery, magnified post revision. You are 12 days into what will likely be a 2 year healing course. Your ears will relax and take on a more normal shape. Edema is proportional to the amount of surgery, stitches, skin type and your general health. Time is your best friend. Be patient, communicate with your surgeon, and follow all post-op instructions.

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12 days post=op

As you have had two surgeries already, I would have you wait at least a full year for final evauation and consideration of any revisional surgery. Only after a thorough discussion of your goals/expectations could an opinuion be rendered as to the advisability of any more surgery.

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12 days post revision surgery, was this a bad Otoplasty?

It is too early to be able to make a statement about the final result just 12 days after an operation. What will probably remain is the shape or curvature of the antihelix. In the upper and middle thirds, it is straight and not curved as is normally the case in an ear. However, in view of the fact that you were operated on with the traditional method, the result is acceptable. Fortunately, such antihelix curvatures can be avoided with the minimally invasive stitch method.

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