Bad Otoplasty in Spain, Opinions Please? (photo)

Hello there. I had my otoplasty done 29/02/2012 now is 08/03/2012, its been a week, but my ears have this 'telephone' effect, specially the right ear! both are still swollen, the right ear more than the left ear. I've read in this site a guy complaining about the same thing but after two weeks his ears improved and folded back. I went to my surgeon but since I was wearing the head band, they looked better. He said after a week I just wear it during the night. What do you think? Thank you.

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Otoplasty telephone effect and what to expect after the procedure in the first month

Your otoplasty results are still healing. During the first month or so the ears can stick out more than expected with the swelling and so patience is a virtue at this time. Based on the pictures, the ears do not exhibit a significant telephone effect. I would explain all of these things to your doctor and he will better be able to tell you what to expect. But if you are not satisfied a second opinion wouldn't hurt. There are many surgeons that might be able to tell you via phone and a video consult.

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You appear to have an acceptable result after Otoplasty Surgery.

I read your concerns and reviewed your photos:

You do not appear to have a 'telephone' deformity. You have natural-looking improvement as compared with your pre-op photos. You're very early in your post-operative healing. If you're still dissatisfied in 2-3 months, feel free to reask your question with photos.

All the best from NJ.

Dr. Joseph

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