Does a Bad Nose Fall and Swollen Nose Restrict Me from Any Physical Activity?

A day before, I fell down, and the top of my nose (NOT the tip) hit right on the edge of the step. Icontinuous nose bleed for at least 3hrs… x-rays were taken and no bone was broken. My right nose swollen up fairly bad - right eye can feel the disturbance. My left side swollen very slightly. My right nostril passage clear Im a cross country athlete, so when can I resume my running? I have a hiking trip in 2 months’ time, would this accident affect me in any way? 15 year old girl.

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Nasal injury and physical activity

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Worst case scenario is that you didn't break your nose but could have suffered either a septal deviation or a minor septal hematoma.  If your breathing is rapidly improving, however, and you feel you are doing well in that regard the textbook answer would be 2 weeks and you're back to full board activity.  If you are struggling to breathe at this stage go in for urgent ENT consult.  Otherwise, have at it!

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