BAD LABIAPLASTY!!! Can I be fixed? (photos)

I am mortified, I had labiaplasty 3 weeks ago and asked the Dr. to TRIM them and he cut them completely off and on one side butchered it. It is bleeding on one side and it has a smell to it. I'm freaking out! Now, I can't stop crying because of what he did to me. I spoke to him this morning and told him that I requested only a trim and did what he wanted anyway. I am no longer a woman down there!!! Is there a Dr out there that can help me or am I just stuck looking deformed?

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So sorry to see this

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If you haven't found someone already, i would be happy to try and help. The good news is that you still have tissue on the clitoral hood.You'd benefit from a perineoplasty as well. That will reduce the opening you have in the vagina at rest and improve the appearance and function. So sorry and hopefully you're doing much better now.

Wait for swelling to subside before assessing results

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I recommend you wait for about 3-4 months to allow swelling to subside before you assess your results. Make sure to keep in touch with your surgeon during this time so that if you're still unhappy with your results, you can discuss what the best course of treatment would be. Best of luck.

Labiaplasty revision.

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I know it is the most difficult thing to do, but you really have to give this area more time to heal.  Looking at your pictures, you seem to have a lot of swelling left, and swelling will always distort your final result.  Keep talking to your doctor, but know when she or he says you need to wait for swelling to resolve, it isn't a blow off, you really do have to wait. I always recommend a wait of a minimum of three months to even determine if a revision might be necessary, but I would not recommend a revision for a minimum of 5-6 months. For that first 2-3 months it's normal to see irregular swelling and also feel or see thick areas.  At this time, I really think, as hard as it is you just need to give it time.  As to the ooze and smell, it looks like there are some of your absorbable sutures still hanging on that may be causing that.  I would see your doc to have those removed and for a good exam to make sure you don't have an infection or retained fluid causing the swelling.  I know it's so frustrating but I hope this helps!

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Labiaplasty revision

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Because it is only 3 weeks since your surgery I encourage you to be patient as things may improve with time as the swelling resides and things take shape. If after another 3 or so months your are still unsatisfied and your operating surgeon does not offer any options then you may seek a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist that specialize in this procedure. Glad to help. 

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