I Have Very Bad Jaw Asymmetry, What Are my Options?

I don't think I have had this all my life, had a lot of orthodontic work done in teenage years, some adult teeth removed as jaw too small, top teeth were to a v point, I still have one wisdom tooth left lower left, desperate for options as self confidence is shot!

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Bad Jaw Asymmetry

What you describe is a developmental jaw deformity, a problem that is best managed by orthognathic surgery performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon; or a plastic surgeon who also has oral and maxillofacial surgery or craniofacial surgery training.

A jaw (mandible?) asymmetry is rarely isolated. Usually both jaws and teeth are involved. A full work up is indicated here to understand the problems. A treatment plan is then devised based on these problems. This could result in recommendations for orthodontics, upper and lower jaw surgery and chin surgery, too.

Be well and good luck!

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Bad Jaw Asymmetry

Without photos, it is impossible to make a recommendation.   You may be a candidate for a chin implant, but only an exam by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can determine that. Consult with a Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options.  Best wishes!! 

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