Will Bad Hyaluronidase Get Better? Had it to Remove Juvederm, and Made Things Worse.

HI had juverderm 2 yrs ago for tear troughs, one eye would not rid itself of the product and would come up and down depending on my body temperature, had Hyaluronidase to remove it(which i have had before with brilliant results,) this time the Hyaluronidase has made things much worse a blister like bag has appeared which was very red although the redness is subsiding, can you please tell me if the hyaluronidase will dissolve and leave me looking normal? do i need another hyaluronidase jab.

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You should follow up with your doctor

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A "blister-like" red bag under the eye could be the sign of an infection. I would recommend that you follow up with your physician, as this does not sound like a normal response to hyaluronidase. I see that you asked this question a month ago, so hopefully your issues have resolved by now. 

If you still have lumps or excess product present after the swelling and redness have resolved, a repeat treatment with hyaluronidase may be appropriate. 

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