Bad ENT Surgeries and Their Life Quality Repercussions... What Now???

Had a bad septoplasty;Leans to the rt side-deviated completely, valve collapse, bite was even completely crooked, he didn't even touch other side of the septum.Multiple opinions asked in disgust whom did my septo;Original surgeon would not address & had sent me on a fool errand-telling me it was my large uvula & turbinates.So went & got that stripped/UPPP; Accentuated bad septum-situation.Hate what all this is doing to my skin,appearance,life. Atrophic rhiniris w/ bad function.NOW WHAT CAN I DO?

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Failed Septum Surgery

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You would need to see an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon. If you have valve collapse, then you will probably need cartilage grafts from your ear. This is usually easily tolerated and effective. An open approach to your septum with advanced techniques to straighten a caudal septum may be helpful. There could be hope if you find the right surgeon for your problems. Atrophic rhinitis is very difficult to cure, so you must be realistic about your expectations.

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