Bad crowns in my front teeth. Can I insist on them being replaced where they are actually shaped and look real?

I had 4 crowns on my front upper teeth. Since having them they have never felt comfortable. I did have to go back to have him resize them in length due to them being bigger then my adjoin teeth. I still have coworkers comment on how big they are. the 2 rt side teeth have exposed root, painful, and small amount of pus. I hate them, and want them not fixed but replaced. I want them shaped right, smaller and fitting better. Do I have the right to ask my dentist to do this? They cost me 5000.00.

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Bad crowns in my front teeth. Choose your cosmetic dentist wisely!

Did you dentist allow you to preview how they looked prior to cementing your crowns into place? Did he ask you if they were okay and if you were going to give him permission to PERMANENTLY cement or bond them into place? Did you sign anything to this effect? Most cosmetic dentists will document whether or not this was done in your dental chart.

If all of the above were done, and there are no technical issues with the crowns, then you probably have little to stand on. Also, the longer that they have been permanently cemented into your mouth, the less likely your dentist will replace them at no expense.

However, if you never have the opportunity to preview them prior to cementation and there are definitely some issues with the fit, shape or color, and not much time has elapsed since them were placed, you might have stronger grounds to ask your dentist to redo them. If he agrees, he might do them at no charge, or ask you to pay at least part of the fee.

I hope you learned something from all of this. Cosmetic dentistry is not like putting a new tire on a car. It is very demanding and much training, expertise and artistry are involved. Choose your cosmetic dentist wisely!

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