Bad Botox? For Eyelift and Chin Relaxing. (photo)

1 week ago injected for eyelift and chin relaxing. Eyebrows extremely arched, but inner area from nose to arch has a fold in my eyelid skin. Lower right lip not working right and is noticeable, someone thought I was having a stroke and I lisp. What happened and can it be fixed?

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Unwanted adjacent muscle effects from Botox

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It appears that your forehead muscle is unopposed over the mid eyebrow and it peaks as the muscle elevates it. This can be corrected with one or two units of Botox in the overactive muscle. If the chin muscle was injected too close to the depressor lower lip muscle then you can get an unbalance. This will have to resolve on its own over many weeks. Only in extreme situations would the other side be treated to make the loss of muscular function symmetric or balanced.

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Botox and raised eyebrows

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It is not uncommon for the eyebrows to be too raised after Botox injections for the frown lines.  When one set of muscles is relaxed, another set of muscles can take over.  Too much Botox, incorrect placement or too deep injections can all cause an undesired effect.  It is simple to correct by injecting a tiny amount of Botox above the arch of the eyebrows.  Your doctor will know to add these areas next time.

Your uneven smile was caused by the depressor muscle being injected and will last about 2 months.  Your smile could be made more even by injecting the depressor muscle on the other side but I would not recommend it since the result could be unpredictable.  Just let the Botox effect wear off.

Please have your treatments done by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to ensure the best possible results. 

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Bad Botox?

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 The arched brows are an all too common Botox effect that is easily treated by placing a small amount of Botox above the arch to drop it. Your injector should note that on your chart in order to avoid it next time. Many physicians have patients come back in at 2 weeks to check for this kind of thing.

 The lower right lip is not working because the Botox was injected into or migrated into one of the depressor muscles of the lip. Unfortunately, there is not a remedy for this other than tincture of time.

Bad Botox? For Eyelift and Chin Relaxing.

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The best news is this effect will subside over the next 3 months. Was your injector a physician? Seems to have over dosed some areas or poor injection placement. 

Botox issues

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Sometimes when Botox is injected it can impact other muscles when the injection is not done in the right place.  The good thing is that the Botox will wear off in a few months.

Time to find a new injector with better judgement.

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People, please no perioral BOTOX!  This was useful before we had long lasting fillers.  Now there is really no reason to have perioral BOTOX. Do an online search of my microdroplet BOTOX methods which is an alternative method of injecting BOTOX that preserves forehead movement yet created an natural lift along the eyebrows.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Bad botox that looks like Stroke!

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this is one of those situations where I cannot stress more on my patients to please do your homework before you go to a doctor for essentialy any health related issues. Botox and Fillers might sound like an easy injection technique but its more than that. anyway, Im sorry that it happened and yes you do look like you have asymmetrical results. my best advice to you would be to go see the doctor who did your injections and ask for opinion and have this fixed. if he/she is unable to then look for another doctor. it can be fixed, in good hands that is.

Cruella Correction

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Some of your problem can be corrected quite easily. The Cruella look was created by an excessive amount of Botox in the central region of the forehead, or not enough Botox on the lateral portion. A few units of Botox placed at each peak of your arched brow will drop the eyebrows and return your face to a more natural appearance.

The little folds in your eyelid skin are due to either the Botox being placed too low in the forehead or an excessive amount of Botox. This is harder to correct. This problem will resolve in a few weeks so can be best left alone. If it truly bothers you, then a 1-2 units can be placed in the corners of the brow in what we call a lateral brow lift and a few in the lateral portion of the glabellar region, the area between the eyebrows.

I am afraid nothing can fix the lower right side of the lip problem but the tincture of time. Most likely too much Botox was placed in this area causing an excessive weakening of the muscle pulling the lip upward.  

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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