Does a Bacterial Infection Look Similar to Herpes on the Face?

I went in to have juvederm for the first time and I had a terrible reaction that followed. I had white little pimples and redness of the skin all above one area where the juvederm was injected. It was not painful unless I tried to wash or touch it and it was itchy only after it began to heal. It was awful. My doctor thought it was herpes or maybe something else, or so she said. I was out of town within 2 days of having the procedure done. I saw a dermatologist when I returned and he said it look

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Herpes outbreak after filler injections is very common!

Yes, a herpes outbreak can look very similar to a bacterial infection after a filler injection.  Bacterial infections are actually much more rare; but they both can cause redness, swelling, pain, and breakdown of the skin.   We do a huge number of these injections and our policy is that anyone with a history of cold sores should start prophylactic meds before their filler injections.   If any problems occur, we treat for both herpes and a bacterial infection until we can better diagnose the problem.   Herpes virus infections tend to have a different pattern or distribution than bacterial.  If you see skin breakdown, you can also use the topical antiviral meds for optimal results.

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Do Bacterial Infections look like Herpes on the face?

Yes,  they can look very similar however Herpes is much more common after Dermal injections; Especially around the mouth area. We often treat people getting injections with an anti viral medication such as Acyclovir to prevent a herpes breakout.

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Bacterial infection vs herpes after filler procedure

People who are susceptible to herpes outbreaks often experience them after fillers, just like they do after a dental appointment. Trauma to the lip or NLF region can erupt an outbreak. This is why it's very important for people prone to herpes to take prophylactic meds before the procedure (Zovirax, Acyclovir) as well as for a few days after, minimal. While bacterial infections can look similar to herpes outbreaks, bacterial infections from fillers are very, very unlikely because the fillers come in sterile packaging and I'd assume you went to a clean office. Though it can occur, I'd say your outbreak was most likely herpes. If you elect to do fillers in the future make sure you take prophylactic meds before to avoid an outbreak.

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