Too Soon to Go Back Under?

Almost a month ago I got 350 cc, silicone, under the muscle implants. I started at an A cup and am now a C. Overall, I am happy with shape, but definitely not with size. I know they will change, but will they look larger once they drop and fluff a bit? I am very disappointed with the amount of information from my PS so I'm so confused on the whole healing process. How soon is too soon to go back in and will I have to pay the whole price to switch the size if I go to a different surgeon? Thanks!

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Breast implant revision for size

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You should give this 3-4 months before deciding what to do.  Meantime give your doctor a chance to clarify the issues you are concerned with.  If you go to another doctor, you will be paying all new prices.

Unhappy with recent implant size.

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Typically I advise patients to wait a minimum of 3 months to undergo surgery for larger implants. In the meantime we allow time for rthe inplant to expand the soft tissue pocket. We typically ask patients to pay for the new implants and anesthesia.

Changing implants

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Being only one month out from surgery is a bit too early to consider having a revision to go up in volume. Let the implants drop and give it some time. You  may want to wait 4-6 months.

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Wait At Least 6 Months before Augmentation Revision

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I would suggest waiting at least 6 months before undergoing any breast augmentation revision, including exchanging implants for a larger size.  First of all, you may well become happier with your current size with passage of time.  Also this period allows time for resolution of the inflammation associated with this and all surgeries.  A new physician will likely charge you a good bit more than your original surgeon for a revision.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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