Should I go back to a tray I skipped by mistake or wear the current tray an extra two weeks?

I am using Invisalign for jaw problems and mistakenly skipped a tray 2 weeks ago. I didn't notice until it was time to put in the next tray. My jaw has been very sore for the last 2 weeks. Should I wear the tray I skipped for a week and then return to this tray for a week before I see my Orthodontist, or just wear this current tray for another two weeks? My orthodontist's office is closed for holidays for the next two weeks.

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If you skipped a tray and it has only been two weeks, then I would recommend returning to that tray with the advice of your dentist.  I would wear the skipped tray for the entire 2 weeks before I move to the next tray.  Ultimately, you want to get the best results possible from your Invisalign treatment, and extending care and extra 2 weeks is much better than finishing Invialign and having to go through several months of refinement trays because your case didn't turn out right.  Good luck to you and I hope this helps. "Follow" me on Real Self to ask more questions of me.
Sarah Thompson, DMD
O'Fallon, IL and St. Louis, MO


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It is always safer to follow the trays in sequence.  If I was treating you I would ask you to go back to the missing tray.  Wear it for two weeks and then go to the next tray.  It is very possible that the tray you skipped to is not fitting well for the stage you are in and that is why your teeth are so sore.

Jean D. Morency, DMD
Houston Dentist

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