Back of Thigh Red, Stinging, Some Peeling. Could It Be Spitting Stitches?

I am 6 weeks PO from LBL, spiral thigh lift, fat grafting to buttock, mini tummy tuck. Groin incisions that opened 3 weeks post op and am doing wet to dry dressing changes BID. One opening I noticed a blue thread poking out. It hasn't totally closed yet but that blue thread has been covered with new skin. Back of thigh has become light red with stinging, peeling and discomfort that comes and goes with swelling and movement. Could this be spitting stitch trying to surface?

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Suture Spitting

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The scenario you are describing is most likely due to the suture.  It is probably a low grade infection and the body trying to deal with it.   Removal of the stitch will accelarate your recovery.  All the best.

Thigh Red and Stinging

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    With redness and stinging, infection should be ruled out.  If you do not have an infection, then this could be a suture trying to surface.  It could be a few other things as well.  I would recommend an exam with your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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