Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Back?

Had first treatment of laser hair removal on my back a week ago. All went fine but couple days in i noticed that my shirts cling a little bit to the left side of my back. Little uncomfortable. Its like my back is dry and isn't producing its natural oils anymore? Maybe the hair was creating friction or i am just not used to it. But i am finding it hard to get used to the feeling and has been on my mind for a couple days. Any thoughts? thanks

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Laser hair removal

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Without examining you iyt's impossible to say what is causing your shirt sticking. Were the hairs shaved less close before tje laser on the left side and they are clinging to your shirt like Velcro? Do you have more singed hair, which is normal, on the left and it sticks to the shirt. As long as you don't have blisters that popped and stick to your clothing, your symptoms are probably normal.

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