Back Pain After Breast Lift and Implant?

I done a breast lift and implant before 9 days and I'm having a silicone implant D cup size. I'm having a severe back pain all day long. Also at night I cant sleep and I cant find a proper position to sleep. I feel that the implant is something heavy over my chest all night and a strong back pain that can cause me to cry . how long it will take until I feel my implant is a part of my body and what about the back pain?

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Back pain

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Back pain is not unusual after surgery. This may be related to the stretch of the tissues, as well as your positioning when you sit, walk , or lay down.

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Discomfort after surgery

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It may take a few months for you to get used to the feeling of your implants. You'll also need for your tissues to expand to accommodate the volume of your implants. This can take about 4 months. In the meantime, make sure you're wearing a good supportive sports bra and try sleeping on your side or back.

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