Back Pain After Breast Aug/Lift - 5 Weeks Post-op

I had a breast lift/augmentation 375cc's silicone placed 5 weeks ago. I slipped on few steps while holding onto the railing My arms hyper extended. I have been experiencing sharp pain 3rd intercostal space to sternum with terrible pain radiating from the front chest through to the back. Pain in the back is approx. half dollar size located upper back region. The back region has knotted muscle present. Taking deep breaths is painful. Should I be concerned with the pain?

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Back pain after slip and fall with implants

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 My concern for your symptoms has little to do with your implants and more with the possiblity that you have a muscle sprain or tear or even a rib fracture. Seek evaluation by your surgeon to assess for point tenderness, possible need for chest x-rays and/or physical therapy.

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