What Will Happen To Breast Enhancement Following Pregnancy?

I'd like to have breast enhancements for my wedding next year as have gone from 34D to 32B and would like to have my old shape back, but I know id like another baby after the wedding, what will my breast enhancement be like after child birth?

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Breast implants and pregnancy

This is nearly impossible to predict with a high degree of certaintly. It depends on how much of your own breast tisse you have compared to the size of the implant, how big your own tissue enlarges during pregnancy, how much your own tissue shrinks after pregnancy, how much excess skin you have, and how much that skin snaps back or doesn't snap back after pregnancy.

If you really want it done, go into it knowing that there is a possibility you will have to have it redone.

If you can wait until you are done having children, then you may avoid having an early re-do after pregnancy.

Either way, having breast implants is a life decision.  Statistically speaking, if you live long enough (and I hope that you do) you will live to see the day that you have to have one or both of your implants replaced.

I hope this helps.

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Pregnancy and breasts

It is very difficult to predict how the breasts will be affected by pregnancy. Certainly there may be some laxity after the breasts settle back down.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast shape with implants after pregnancy

pregnancy can effect breast with or without implants:

  1. they may get smaller
  2. they may droop
  3. they may get larger
  4. they may become asymmetric
  5. any combination is possible

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Questions about future pregnancy vs implants prior to wedding

How your breasts will appear after another pregnancy and following a breast augmentation is entirely unpredictable. So many factors play a role that no specific answer can be given. With that said, if you want to look quite alluring for your wedding (as well as before and after), fit in clothes better, feel more attractive, etc., then you should not really hesitate in possibly pursuing the breast augmentation prior to your wedding. Realize that a future pregnancy will not affect the implants and that breast augmentation in most situations has little or no impact on the ability to breast feed.


Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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Breast Augmentation changes after pregnancy

I have had hundreds of patients get pregnant following breast augmentation over the last 15 years and none of those patients have come back to me for revision surgery.  The skin might not be quite as tight as it once was and the breasts may not be quite as perky but still have had a nice shape and appearance.  There is no way to 100% predict how any one patient will do however.

Gary Hall,MD

Gary Hall, MD (retired)
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Changes of Breasts after Pregnancy?

Thank you for the question.
Unfortunately there is no way to predict  exactly how a patient's breasts will change after pregnancy.  A good indication may be to evaluate the changes that occurred with your mother's breasts after her pregnancies ( although  this is not foolproof either).  It may be helpful to keep your weight as stable as possible (under the guidance of your OB/GYN)  to prevent significant changes with the breasts related to the weight changes.
You should also consider postponing having the breast  augmentation if you  think you may have pregnancies in the near future.
Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Pregnancy after implants

Honestly, there is no way to predict how a woman's breasts will change after a pregnancy. Even women who have previously had a child can experience variations from one to the next. I inform my patients considering additional children that they should expect a change but the degree can not be determined. I also recommend those considering more children in the immediate future, should wait after they have completed their family before having an augmentation.

Michael Hueneke, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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