I Am Trying for a Baby, the First Day of my Last Period Was Ten Days Ago

I would like to have my teeth whitened by laser in 4 days time. It's highly unlikely that I'm pregnant yet but need to know if it would be safe to do so.

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Laser teeth whitening in pregnant women

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Although all the components of whinening systems are safe for pregnant women it is highly recommended to wait for post-pregnancy time. All procedurs in dentistry are considred very carefully for expecting women especially during the first trimester. Whitening of the teeth is an elective esthetic procedure. The best recommendations would be to wait for a safe period especially with the laser treatment. 

Zoom Whitening While Pregnant

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I feel that it would be best if you wait until you are no longer pregnant to whiten your teeth.  The main reason for  this is that it is recommended that you put off elective treatment when you are pregnant.  Laser whitening is very safe and there are no studies showing anything to the contrary.  That being said, you should not take any chances with your unborn baby.  Let your laser whitening be your reward after giving birth to your baby. 

Wait to Whiten

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We wish you much health for you and your unborn baby and feel that you can always whiten when you are not pregnant and recommend you wait.

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Use caution with chemicals

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No one can say with total certainty that whitening is completely safe.  In your first trimester all the vital organs of your baby are forming and are very sensitive to the effects of chemicals and other toxins.  If you were a family member I would tell you to wait until after your pregnancy or at least until you were certain that you were not pregnant. 

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Whitening if pregnant

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If there is any chance of possibly being pregnant my suggestion would be to hold off on any whitening.  in my opinion too risky to take  a chance .  Just my honest opinion.  I do not like doing elective treatment on patients who are pregnant



Laser Whitening during Pregnancy

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We tend to be overly conservative when it comes to considering medical and dental procedures during pregnancy.  Tooth whitening, whether in the office or a take home product is fairly benign.  Although we are very cautious to not let any patient injest the whitening product, it is doubtful it will in any way harm the fetus, but it may upset your stomach. 

I personally feel it is better to err on the side of caution.  If you can delay whitening until after delivery of the baby, think of it as a post partum gift to yourself. 

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Teeth whitening while pregnant

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Having whiter teeth is definitely more desirable these days.  While it has not been 100%  proven that whitening is safe (or harmful) during pregnancy, most would agree that it is not worth the risk.  It would be wise to wait to make sure you are not pregnant before starting any whitening treatment.

Can you whiten your teeth if you may be pregnant?

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The short answer is "Yes".  There have been no studies showing tooth whitening has any adverse affect on pregnant mothers or their developing children.  That said, why not play it safe and wait nine months?  Dental and medical treatment, especially for elective procedures, during pregnancy is best approached with great caution and if it can be delayed, its probably best to do so.

Stephen Sulzbach, DMD
Norristown Dentist

Can I have Laser Teeth Whitening if I'm Pregnant?

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The answer is pregnancy is one of the most conservative areas of dental and medical treatment.

In general, laser teeth whitening, or even home tray whitening is very safe. With pregnancy we tend to take even theoretical risks to their outer limits. Meaning, if there is the slightest risk of an issue, don't do it. Laser teeth whitening can be a long procedure and sitting for it can be stressful or uncomfortable for some people. There are some that would say that stress could affect your pregnancy. 

Most good practices will tell you that you shouldn't do laser teeth whitening if there is a chance that you are pregnant.

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