Had a BA 6 Weeks Ago. Breast Looked Pretty Normal a Week Ago. Now All of the Sudden They Seem to Look Shaped Funny?

Is this normal for your breast to go from looking normal to looking weird. It is almost like I have more clevage with out a bra now but it is missing fullness at the bottom .. The fullness that was there a week ago?

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Breast shape after implants

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The  breasts may appear high with new implants.  As the body adjusts to them, they usually settle down and look better. Keep a close eye on them with your surgeon.

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Funny Shaped Breasts after Breast Implants

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   This question is very difficult to answer without pictures.  If you provide them, we may be able to help.   The implants could have dropped.  They could have bottomed out.  There are many things it could be.  

Aug Shape

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It is difficult to understand what "funny" shape means. A photo would help. It may mean that they have bottomed-out or that they have taken on a normal shape. without an examination it can't be decided

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