BA One Week Before Emigrating?

Dear all, I am scheduled to have a BA on the 6th of August with a clinic I have used before (for a different operation) and with a Dr who has rave reviews. I have double checked (and sought out other opinions) that flying will not be a problem (obviously I cannot lift my bags). The only concern I have is the fact that I emigrate on the 12th of August. They use dissolvable stitches so I do not need to have them removed. Complications aside, is this something I should be concerned about?

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Out of country breast augmentation loses your surgeon for follow-up.

There's nothing wrong with having an operation such as a breast augmentation and leaving the country a week later. The complication rate is low but you do not have your surgeon as an immediate reference for any of your concerns.

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Travel after Breast Augmentation

There is no reason why you can't fly a week or so after surgery. The only issue really concerns follow up once you have left the country. Some complications may take weeks or months to develop, so it is important to have all your surgical history transferred to a plastic surgeon in whichever country you are moving to.

You should discuss your moving plans with your plastic surgeon before the surgery to make sure you are both on the same page.

Traveling for a breast augmentation

I recommend to my out-of-town patients that they stay around for 1 week.  This way, if there are any problems early on I can take care of them.

BA One Week Before Emigrating?

The concern will be  that in the unlikely event that you have a complication, you may have great difficulty in finding a surgeon willing to take on your care. 

All the best. 

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