BA Revision? (Photo)

Are revisions less expensive than the first BA? And how soon do I have to wait to get one? I just had my surgery a few days ago and my breast are WAY smaller than what I wanted. I was originally a 32a, got 339 cc silicone implants hoping I would get nice full sized breasts that are proportionate to my body. But it just looks like I'm wearing a push up bra. I now it's very early, but I don't see them getting much bigger, in fact one of my breast doesn't even look like it has an implant at all.

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Cost of breast implant revision surgery depends on many factors

Some revisions are relatively simple, others very complicated requiring special expertise. There is also the cost of new implants if that is necessary, and internal bra materials such as Strattice, SERI Scaffold, and GalaFLEX, though these are probably not needed in cases like yours. The pictures appear to show high riding implants and a tight (constricted) lower pole of the breasts, which may be contributing to your sense that they are not large enough. The size of your implants should equate to about a 2 cup size increase, although the correlation of implant size to cup size is not very good. The best scenario in cases like yours is to work with your original surgeon, give things several months for the tissues to soften, and perhaps move the implants lower. From how tight they look right now, larger implants would not have fit.

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Breast Augmentation Revision?

Thanks for the question and pictures. Revisionary breast surgery costs will depend on several factors including who is performing the surgery and exactly what needs to be done. Generally speaking, you can expect some “courtesy” if your original surgeon  is performing the procedure. Otherwise, cost of surgery will depend on exactly what procedure is planned and factors such as duration of surgery. I asked patients to be patient during the recovery period and to evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed approximately 6 months down the line. Best wishes.

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