I Had a BA on Oct 11th 2011. My Right One Now Feels Like Something is Grinding Under the Implant? (photo)

I had BA surgery inc a small lift. My implants went in through the nipple & i have a 375cc silicone, smooth, high profile implant in the left & 350cc silicone, smooth, high profile in the right and that nipple was removed, reshaped & repositioned. Over the past few weeks i have been experiencing some pain in my right & it feels a lot heavier than the left when i lean forward & i also feel like there is something grinding under the impant & i need to lift it up & push it to relieve this feeling.

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Changes 7 months after breast augmentation

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There are a few possible explanations for what you are experiencing. 

This could be a case of early capsular contracture, which can sometimes cause discomfort and a shifting of breast implant.

It could be that the pectoralis major muscle was not completely release medially on the right, which could cause shifting of the implant to the side.

You need to go back to your Plastic Surgeon and be re-evaluated so a treatment plan can be developed.

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