Pain 2 Months After Breast Augmentation

I'm having burning sensation, sore, struggle and especially each outer side of my breasts are painful and swollen... Had really bad time right after my BA then it was ok...but now it's really painful...Do you thing it's a CC or just the normal process after BA. Thank you and sorry if i'm not clear but i'm french! Other question: thinking of a redo, the size i have now is too small for me...Would like something more "pulpy" and sexy...How big can give me this result?

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Burning sensations after breast augmentation.

Regarding your pain, it may be post op pains but to be sure, speak to your PS.  Sometimes the nerves reconnecting cause sharp burning pains.  If you are looking to get different implants put in you should wait until these pains are resolved.  Typically 6 months to a year is reasonable time before upgrading implants.

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Pain at two months

More than likely this is routine post-op discomfort, but if you want to be sure, follow-up with your surgeon.

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