BA Incision and Heavy Lifting?

Is it possible for crease incision due to heavy lifting like carrying heavy bags and carrying a two year old to open or rip? I carried my nephew upon travelling and lifting heavy bags 3 weeks after my BA and I had to get it restitch due to ripping/ incision opening.

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Heavy lifting after breast augmentation

Yes, this is possible. To avoid complications, you should not lift anything until about 6 weeks after your surgery. However, please ask your surgeon as they may have different advice.

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Incision healing

It is possible for an incision to open three weeks postop.  It takes about six weeks for the incisions to be fairly strong, so be careful.

David Stoker, MD
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Breast augmentation incision opening.

Thanks so much for your question.  I'm sorry that you had any type of complication following your surgery.  Anything is possible in terms of trauma causing problems with your incision.  There is a degree of numbness following surgery so you may have exerted more force than you realized when lifting.  It also may have been caused by a suture that broke or failed.  Difficult to say without seeing you as a patient.

Shaun Parson, MD
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Activities can lead to wound problems

such as yours... healing is a dynamic process that takes weeks for it to get strong enough to hold up to the trauma of daily activities.  Avoid that until you are healed and you don't have problems.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Breast augmentation incision issue

Yes, it is possible that your incision opened up after vigorous activity. This is one reason why surgeons tell patients to take it easy during the early post-op period.

Steven Wallach, MD
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BA Incision and Heavy Lifting

Yes incisions can and do open if vigorous and/or inappropriate activities occur too soo after surgery. Skin incisions themselves are superficially healed at two to three weeks; however the deep breast tissues and muscle generally take up to six weeks or more to be completely healed for heavy lifting or strenuous physical activities.

Dr. Stuart Kincaid

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No heavy lifting for 6 weeks

Opening of the skin only and not the deeper tissue would not usually be the result of heaving lifting 3 weeks after breast augmentation. Opening only of the skin 3 weeks after breast augmentation would usually be the result of a collection of blood or fluid under the skin or an infection. Heavy lifting 3 weeks after the surgery can certainly tear the sutures in the deeper tissue. The implant could then impinge on the skin and result in exposure of the implant.

John J. Bandeian, MD
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BA Incision and Heavy Lifting?

Yes it is possible, and most surgeons advice avoiding any heavy lifting early in the post op period. What happened to you is precisely why we caution our patients. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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