BA-gap Question? I Went From Having a Gap to Having None at all?

I recently had a BA (almost one month PO). I was a 32 barely an A cup. I had 300cc subpec silicone placed. I went from having a nice space/gap to none at all. I think gap is more natural and I chose this PS because she believes in getting natural looking results. Will that change as they settle? If not, can a revision be done to get that back? (I can not add photos from my iPad, but can do later if needed). Thanks

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Implants can be placed too close together.

Not certain was going on in your circumstance but it is possible to place implants beyond the medial anatomic border of the breast. This is a matter you should discuss with your plastic surgeon.

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Gap to no gap...

I'm sorry to hear of your concerns but you must allow healing to occur and then make a decision then as to whether anything else needs to be done.  Revisions can always fix unsatisfactory results and its always best to work with your original surgeon on this.  There are some out there without ethics that try to take advantage of the situation.

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Spacing might be more evident with time

Thanks for your question. It is hard to tell without a picture, but normally part of the muscle is released to create the pocket for the implant. The most central attachments to the breast bone have to be left intact or the two sides can connect- AKA "uniboob" or symmastia. With time the muscle swelling will go down and likely the shape will be to your liking. Best of Luck!

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Questions about medial placement of breast implants

You are very early in the post operative period.  When the implants are placed under the muscle the sternal attachments are released from the 7:00 to the 5:00 position.  Current techniques usually do not release the attachments up the sternal margin.  If the sternal attachments of the pectroralis are left intact then this keeps the implants in proper position.  If a patient has a wide sternum with a rib cage that is angulated laterally then the implants are more likely to have a diverging cleavage.  If the sternum is narrow and the anterior rib cage is flat then the cleavage is more likely to converge.  

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BA-gap Question? I Went From Having a Gap to Having None at all?

Some photos would be very helpful in responding to your question--preferably current photos and some from before surgery. 

If the pocket was overdissected centrally, it may be that the origin of the pectoral muscles was disrupted. If so, it seems not likely that this will improve with time. The fix would have to be a return to surgery to close of the pocket, sometimes using the capsule tissue, sometimes adding a biologic material called Strattice. 

Please consider posting photos. All the best. 

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Gap between Breasts after Augmentation

Without a picture, it is hard to give specific advice. However, implants under the muscle typically have some space between them. Consider waiting a few months to see how things look. 

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Increase Gap Between Breasts after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question. It is difficult to give you precise advice without viewing pictures or without direct examination. Generally speaking, it is unlikely that as breast implants “settle”, the space between the breast implants will increase. If the breast implants are medially displaced, then revisionary breast surgery may be helpful in repositioning the breast implants better below the breast mounds. This operation may involve internal suture techniques (capsulorraphy);  the procedure involves closing off the  breast implant space medially ( close to the cleavage area)  and opening up the space laterally (sides  of the breasts).  The improved positioning of the breast implants will likely serve to better center the nipple/areola complexes on the breast implants as well.

 You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more about surgical options.

 Best wishes.

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